The FACIT Project
(Italiano / English) 
Facit is short for Fast Automated Conversion with Integrated Tools. The project has been supported by EU under the Libraries section of the Telematics Programme. It started in January 1993 and finished in February 1996
The project of electronic retrospective conversion of the Palatino Catalogue has been initiated within the framework of FACIT project, intending to experiment new conversion techniques of paper catalogues.
The Palatino Catalogue records the works of the Palatina Library, once hold by the Lorena family, and of other important collections which have been subsequently included (Nencini, Passerini, Targioni Tozzetti, Filippini, Miscellanea Capretta). Togher with the Magliabechi Catalogue it represents the core of the historical collections of the National Central Library of Florence.
The Palatino Catalogue includes some 225.000 bibliographic records relating to books published from XVIth to XIXth century. The existing paper cards have been created in the Fifties, taking the information from the old manuscript Catalogue.
A first phase of the project has been devoted to investigate the possibility of scanning card catalogues via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and standardised automation. This technique, which has been successfully implemented in the office automation, has instead shown serious limits with regard to Palatino cards. Such cards,in fact, were seriously damaged during the Florence floods in 1966.
Such difficulties have entailed a redefinition of the operational objectives of the project. In its second phase the images of the paper catalogue cards have been scanned and a short description made by an operator has been added. At the end of the project all catalogue cards will be scanned in colour mode, in order to get a better visibility and let inalterated the origiginal markes and relations between text, stamp and paper alterations.
A demo section of the work is here available to the remote user, which consists of the first part of the catalogue, organised in blocks. The catalogue shows the first and the last name present within the block. At the moment, searches are possible in a sequential order, but searches by author, title, key word and publication year will be soon possible.

A - Accademia scientiarium Boica (schede 1-661) 
Abbate (dell') Niccolo'-Abrabanel Juda Been Isaac (schede 381-511/518) 
Academia Scientiarum Imperialis. Saint Petersbourg-Accolito Giovanni (schede 662-1411) 
Lighieri Jacopo-Almanach (schede 1-467) 
Almanach-Ambrosioni Paolo (schede 468-1105) 
Appi Anneo de Faba Cromanziano-Aretino Pietro (schede 1-673) 
Aretinus Carolus-Armandis Salati (schede 1-721) 
Armani Giovanni Battista-Arrighi Landini Orazio (schede 1-433) 
Arrigo da Settimello-Artico Pietro (schede 1-100) 
Articolani-Astezatus Joannes Andreas (schede 1-439) 
Asti Comune-Aubriot de la pale Jean Baptiste (schede 1-354) 
Aubry A.-Aureli Aurelio (schede 1-351)