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The Making of European Cartography

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13-15 Dicembre 2001
BNCF, Tribuna dantesca, Cavalleggeri 1

13 December, 2001; Morning 9.30 - 13.00

Renaissance Cartography

Diogo Ramada Curto
Vasco da Gama Chair EUI
General Introduction and Coordination

Sebastiano Gentile
University of Cassino
Humanism and Cartography. Reading Ptolemy in the Fifteenth Century

Angelo Cattaneo
Fra Mauro's Mappamundi in the Context of Fifteenth Century Geographical Knowledge

Leonardo Rombai
University of Florence
Cartography, Chorography and Landscape in the XVth and XVIth Century in Tuscany

13 December, 2001; Afternoon 15.00-18.30

Renaissance Cartography

Coordinator: Anthony Molho

Francesc Relaño
EHSS, Paris
Cartography and Discoveries:
the Re-Definition of the Ptolemaic Model in the First Quarter of the Sixteenth-Century

Plinio Freire Gomes
Representations of America in the Renaissance Knowledge

Rudolf Schmidt
International Coronelli Society - Wien
Men and Globes

Marica Milanesi
University of Pavia
Vincenzo Coronelli's Epitome Cosmografica

14 December, 2001; Morning 9.30-13.00

European Cartography and Colonial Empires

Coordinator: Diogo Ramada Curto

Matthew Edney
Osher Map Library - University of Southern Maine
New England Mapped: The Creation of a Colonial Territory

David Buisseret
University of Texas-Arlington
Jesuit Cartography in South America

André Ferrand Almeida
Jesuit Cartography of the Amazon Basin

Lucy Chester
Yale University
Mapping the End of Empire.
The Radcliffe Boundary Commission and the Drawing of the Indo Pakistani Border

14 December, 2001; 15.00-18.30

Cartography and Statecraft since the Enlightenment

Coordinator: Raffaele Romanelli

Gilles Palsky
University of Paris XII and CNRS, Paris
Cartes topographiques et cartes thématiques au 19e siècle.
Des modèles d'intelligibilité concurrents pour la cartographie "scientifique" européenne

Vladimiro Valerio
University of Venice
Military Cartography of the Italian Peninsula since the Enlightenment

Rui Miguel Branco
Maps, Statistics and Weights and Measures in the Construction of the Nineteenth Century Portuguese State

Francesc Nadal
University of Barcelona
The Topographical Map of Spain to 1:50.000: an Interpretative Synthesis

15 December, 2001; Morning 9.30-13.00

Theoretical Frameworks and Research Prospectives

Coordinator: João Carlos Garcia

University of Oporto

Emanuela Casti
University of Bergamo
Teorethical Aspects on the History of Cartography

Reading and Analysing Maps

Andrea Cantile
IGM, Florence

Matthew Edney
Osher Map Library - University of Southern Maine

Gilles Palsky
University of Paris XII and CNRS, Paris